Adjutants General Association of the United States

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About Us


The Adjutants General Association of the United States, or AGAUS, is committed to a central leadership role in promoting and supporting adequate state and national security; in promoting the efficiency of the Army and Air National Guards of the respective states, territories, and District of Columbia (referred to collectively as the “States”, the “National Guard”, the “Guard”, or “NG”) and of the Army and Air National Guard of the United States (referred to collectively as the “National Guard of the United States” or “NGUS”); and in facilitating and improving the administration of the foregoing National Guard and NGUS affairs through the agencies of the Department of Defense and the several states.

To that end, AGAUS must ensure the National Guard and the National Guard of the United States are organized, equipped, and postured to fulfill their responsibilities across the full spectrum of operations inherent in the National Military Strategy (NMS) and the constitutions of the United States, the various sovereign states, and U.S. territories.

That spectrum of operations requires land and air forces capable of working in state, federal, joint, combined, and multinational roles for a variety of missions extending from state emergencies and humanitarian assistance to peacekeeping and peacemaking to major theater wars, including conflicts involving the potential use of weapons of mass destruction, at home and abroad.

The National Guard of the United States will augment and compliment our active components' response and dominance at every point on the spectrum of federal military missions.

Upon request of the governor, and as necessary and appropriate, active components and other federal executive agencies will also augment and compliment the National Guard response and dominance at appropriate points on the spectrum of state military missions.

AGAUS Principles

AGAUS supports the Department of Defense transformation plans that acknowledge the National Guard as an operational force. We must integrate the National Guard as a full partner in America's 21st Century Force across the full spectrum of Army and Air Force operations, while recognizing the unique dual responsibilities of the National Guard to their Governors and other civilian authorities in times of domestic emergency and disaster.

On behalf of the men and women of the National Guard, AGAUS advocates for the modernization of equipment and facilities and all policies and plans that promote the enhanced integration of the National Guard into the Department of Defense.

AGAUS strongly urges Congress enact legislation which further establishes the National Guard as an operational force.

AGAUS Vision Statement

The Adjutants General Association of the United States is made up of the fifty-four Adjutants General of the sovereign States, Territories and the District of Columbia. Each Adjutant General is the senior military official in his or her state, territory, or district, and the modern embodiment of the concepts of the citizen-soldier, civilian oversight of the military, and protector of the checks and balances between the state and federal military functions that are rooted in the Constitution of the United States.

In the words of George Washington, “There is nothing that gives a man consequence, and renders him fit for command, like a support that renders him independent of everybody but the State he serves.”

There is, therefore, no organization, group, office, or individual better suited than the AGAUS to speak collectively on behalf of the National Guards of the sovereign states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.

The Adjutants General Association of the United States will lead the National Guard and NGUS in the 21st century, insuring we remain a National Guard with skilled personnel dedicated to our militia heritage and reflecting the diversity of our communities. As the National Guard has shifted from a strategic reserve to an operational reserve the AGAUS will ensure the National Guard is fully equipped with modern weapons and facilities essential to the fulfillment of our diverse state and federal missions.

To ensure that commitment, we must understand the events and experiences of our past that have contributed to the strength of our Nation, our Army, and our Air Force. We must also prepare for the future challenges inherent in preserving and protecting our vital national interests. In this consideration of the past and future, we have identified two core competencies that define the National Guard's contribution to our nation's strength. They are community representation and the ability to interchange efficiently and effectively with the Army and the Air Force. For the Adjutants General Association of the United States, sustaining these competencies requires the development of a process that combines important elements of strategic and business planning to include an AGAUS committee structure that maximizes our leadership contributions in the development and execution of state and federal military budgets, missions, policies, and procedures.

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